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Frontier Still Overbilling Some Customers More Than A Year After Aquiring Them From Verizon

In 2015, Frontier announced it would be acquiring Verizon’s old-school, copper-wire landline networks in California, Florida, and Texas for a cool $10.54 billion. The transition took place in early 2016, but some subscribers say that 18 months later, they’re still having trouble with the handoff. [More]


Here’s Which Airlines Are Capping Fares, Adding Flights For Travelers Fleeing Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria continues to gain momentum as it churns through the Caribbean, strengthening to a Category 5 storm after making landfall on the island of Dominica on Monday. Forecasters and safety officials are advising everyone in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands to get to safety, and so some airlines are capping fares for travelers trying to get out of the storm’s path. [More]

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For Third Year Running, Spirit Airlines Still Scores Lowest For Customer Satisfaction

Even though Spirit Airlines ditched its loudmouthed, hate-embracing CEO Ben Baldanza, and pledged to improve performance, the discount carrier has once again come in dead last in a national customer satisfaction survey. [More]


Thousands Of Flights Cancelled Today And Tomorrow Because Of Massive Winter Storm

If you were planning to travel to the Northeast this week, you’ll probably need to change your itinerary, as more than 1,000 flights have already been canceled in advance of a massive snowstorm.. [More]


Amazon Gives Up On Selling Comcast & Frontier Cable Service

Last year, as part of its march toward inevitable world domination, Amazon opened a store to sell cable service. No, it wasn’t getting into the business: Amazon signed up customers and collected a commission. Now, however, the Everything Store no longer sells telecom services. [More]


Frontier Passengers Stranded At Denver Airport After Weekend Snowstorm

Over the weekend, severe winter weather in Denver disrupted flights in and out of Denver International Airport, having largest effect on Frontier Airlines, which is based there. Frontier canceled 275 flights across the country, which has led to a lot of frustrated customers. Some of whom were still in the airport as of this morning. [More]

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Feds Deny Petition To Recall 850,000 Nissans Over Transmission Issue

Four years after a consumer group asked federal safety regulators to recall more than 850,000 Nissan vehicles based on hundreds of owner complaints that the cars would unexpectedly lose speed or stall, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration declined to pursue the issue, despite finding there was a mechanical problem with the vehicle transmissions.  [More]

Brad Clinesmith

New Frontier Customers Get Bad First Impression After Verizon Sale And Switchover

Back in February, Frontier Communications and Verizon announced a massive deal where Verizon sold broadband, cable TV, and voice markets in California, Texas, and Florida to Frontier. Millions of customers came along with the sale, and they were supposed to be switched from Verizon to Frontier on April 1. Considering how well the switch went, that wasn’t a good date to choose. [More]

Senator Calls For Federal Investigation Into Airline Prices, Data Withholding

Senator Calls For Federal Investigation Into Airline Prices, Data Withholding

When looking to book a flight, many consumers find it easier to peruse third-party comparison sites such as Kayak, Orbitz or Expedia where airfare can be easily compared among different airlines. While airlines have had their share of issues with sites that often lead to some fares disappearing, one legislator is calling for a federal investigation over allegations that some carriers completely withhold information from such travel sites in an attempt to block passengers from finding the best price possible. [More]

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All Major U.S. Airlines Offer Free Cancellations Within 24 Hours, Except One

Update: In March 2016, American announced that it was phasing out the hold option and transitioning to the 24-hour cancellation window option.

Even the most prepared traveler occasionally has to change their itinerary for unforeseen circumstances. While dealing with airlines to make a simple change can be both a test of your patience and a drain on your bank account, if you catch the issue soon enough you might save hundreds of dollars in change fees. That’s thanks, in part, to Department of Transportation rules that allow a ticket to be held at the same price for 24 hours before purchase or canceled within 24 hours after purchase — most of the time. [More]

Frontier Airline will raise its checked baggage fees beginning May 1.

Frontier Increasing Checked Baggage Fees By $5 To $10 Starting May 1

A year after Frontier Airlines unveiled an “ultra-low-cost” fare structure including new fees for bags, the airline is once again revising those costs. [More]

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State Lawmaker Says Cable Company Blocking Broadband Legislation

While we all know that companies don’t spend piles of cash on campaign contributions and lobbying just to support candidates they believe in, it’s rare to hear an in-office politician openly calling out his colleagues for bending to the will of a corporate backer. [More]

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Is Consolidation On The Horizon For Budget Airlines?

In recent years, the airline industry has undergone a rather stark transformation through a series of mega-mergers between legacy carriers. Still, one group has been left relatively untouched: budget carriers. But the Chairman of the Board for Frontier Airlines sees a future with fewer bottom-dollar airline brands. [More]

These seating options are available for customers beginning today.

Frontier’s “Ultra-Low-Cost” Fare Structure Includes Fees To Use Overhead Bins, Reserve Seats

Is Frontier Airlines the newest Spirit Airlines? Minus the always entertaining missives of Spirit CEO Ben Baldanza, the Denver-based carrier is taking a page from its cheapo fellow airline and changing up its price structure to include, among other things, a fee for carry-on baggage and a reserved seat. [More]

Nissan Recalls More Than 13,000 Frontier Trucks, Because No One Likes Their Vehicle To Catch Fire

Nissan Recalls More Than 13,000 Frontier Trucks, Because No One Likes Their Vehicle To Catch Fire

Another week, another vehicle recall. This time Nissan is recalling more than 13,000 Frontier trucks for a potential fire risk. [More]

Do You Get More Satisfaction From Cheap Airlines Than Legacy Carriers Because You Expect Less?

Do You Get More Satisfaction From Cheap Airlines Than Legacy Carriers Because You Expect Less?

When it comes to being satisfied with our flying experiences, it turns out we’d rather opt for low-cost carriers like JetBlue, over old legacy airlines like US Airways, according to a new study that rated customer satisfaction. [More]

Frontier Bills For Phantom Phone Line For 5 Months

Frontier Bills For Phantom Phone Line For 5 Months

Back in the cold days of January, reader Chris moved away from FiOS territory. It was very sad for everyone involved, but he and his household moved on, subscribing to DSL service from Frontier. One DSL line just wasn’t enough Internet tubes for his household, so they looked into getting a second line and modem, but they couldn’t have a second “dry loop” DSL line. They had to get a phone package along with it. Chris was happy to hand over his money for this service, but Frontier was not so happy to hand over his modem so he can actually start the service. They never sent it, but keep billing him for the service and equipment anyway. [More]

An Airline Actually Reduced A Fee

An Airline Actually Reduced A Fee

Airlines have tacked on more and more fees over the years as a way to recoup costs without having to raise their base fares as much, but Frontier has broke with these seemingly relentless upward tradition and actually reduced some fees this week. Thunderclap! [More]