Blank Discs Inside Call Of Duty 4 At Best Buy? Better Open Them In The Store

Reader Zak writes to tell us that his copy of Call of Duty 4 was blank. Thankfully, he opened it while he was still inside the Best Buy, so exchanging it wasn’t a problem. (Though some random Geek Squad guy did accuse him of being a scammer.)

I generally read a few of the network sites, Giz, LH and of course for a chuckle I also read Consumerist. Now I lack photo proof of this as I immediately did an illegal u-turn and took my product back to the store, but I’ll let you know anyways.

Yesterday I had exchanged an Xbox 360 game, ‘Hour of Victory’ as it was the wrong game, I wanted ‘Call of Duty 4’. The girl at customer service was happy to oblige me and I was told to walk back and pick up whatever game I wanted to exchange. CoD4 wasn’t on he shelf so I asked an associate walking around and she checked stock, where the title showed up in transit. She went into the back as they had just gotten a shipment earlier, and low and behold here she comes with my blessed CoD4!

I take it up front, finish my exchange and head home. Halfway there my buddy opens up this FACTORY SEALED copy and starts laughing followed by a couple choice four lettered words. I look and staring back at us out of the box is a completely virgin (even fingerprintless) disc. U-TURN! We get back to Best Buy and I walk up to the associate who had went in back for the game, this conversation follows

“Hi, I just got this here but there’s a problem.”
“What seems to be wrong sir?”
“Well I was wondering where you grabbed this box from…”
“Oh no, oh my God no, oh sweet Jesus was it blank?”

However my debacle went much smoother as the woman proceeded to exchange it without a problem…they were out of Cod4s, but I got a gift card for the exact amount and they’re arriving (hopefully legitimately) on Friday. So all is well. I can’t say I paid $100 for some broken tiles but I can sure say Best Buy does like to mix it up a bit.

On a side note, the GeekSquad ass who was next to the customer service was a jackass and suggested I was scamming them because this is the second one of these he’s seen in the last week, with the same kind of blank Phillips disc. Best part being where he told me prison is totally worth a $50 game. I’ve never liked GeekSquad anyways…

Thanks Consumerist, because of you I know how to handle a lot of sticky customer service situations a lot better!

Oh no! Maybe Best Buy should designate a “area” where you can open everything you buy to make sure you’re not inadvertently tiling your bathroom whenever you shop there.

Anyone else find a blank disc inside Call of Duty 4?


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