Circuit City Excluding Whatever It Feels Like From $15 Coupon

Today I received a coupon in the mail from Circuit City inviting me to “save $15 on my next qualifying purchase of $100 or more*”. I really wanted to pick up Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii and figured this would be a good time to do so. After tallying up a purchase of $110 on their website, when I tried to use the coupon I was told it was invalid. Confused, I called the 800 number to place the order assuming it was just a glitch with the website.

After getting my items added with the sales rep on the phone, when it was time to use the coupon I was again told that it was invalid – this time, however, I was a given a reason. The sales rep told me that the coupon was not good for video games or movies (I was ordering a game and the flight of the conchords DVD). I told the rep that the coupon stated neither video games OR movies as restrictions for use and he got a manager. Three managers and supervisors later, they wouldn’t budge. Needless to say, I didn’t make the purchase through them. I told them that I had previously worked in retail, knew that they had the power to manually take $15 off of my purchase if the coupon wouldn’t go through, and would not be making my purchase unless they honored the coupon as it was stated in their own promotion.

For your records, and hopefully other people are writing about this (my sales rep told me I wasn’t the first person that had called trying to use the coupon), here is the fine print on the back of the coupon in its entirety, I’ve put in bold the text that is applicable to this sale:

“Excludes November 22-24, 2007.

*This offer is good for a $15 discount on a regularly priced purchase of $100 or more. This offer is good for one use only and applies to total qualifying purchase on a single sales receipt dated from 10/15/07 through 12/31/07. Not valid on previous purchases. Offer excludes gaming consoles, notebook and desktop computers, Verizon, Sharper Image, Infinity, Velodyne, Bose, Polk, HP MP3 Players, Apple, Kicker, MTX Thunder, Sony XBR TV’s, LG, KEP, outlet, firedog services and Gift Card purchases. Delivery fees, shipping charges and sales tax not included in total purchase calculation. Coupon code valid online and at 1-800-593-4391. Barcode valid in-store only. Not combinable with select Circuit City offers. Not redeemable for cash. Void where prohibited or restricted. Reproductions/photocopies will not be accepted.”

As you can see, nothing about DVD’s or games.

Instead of their promotional tool shoeing in more business, it’s just lost them a customer for life.

San Diego, CA

All we have to add to this discussion, aside from “Circuit City should know better” is that Guitar Hero III for Wii is very fun.


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