Chipotle Offers Excellent Customer Service Along With Free Burrito

Every Halloween folks from all over this great nation of ours put tin foil on their heads and go to Chipotle for a free burrito. The conceit is that you are “dressed like a burrito” for Halloween, but the good folks at Chipotle don’t really care if your costume required things like “skill” or “effort.” They just fork over the free burrito if they see tin foil. Bless them.

Gregg writes:

Writing to let you know about a great experience I had on Halloween evening at Chipotle restaurant on Kirkwood Ave. in Bloomington, IN.

I live in Atlanta and was traveling through Bloomington Ind. on Halloween and decided to get a burrito at Chipotle, near the IU campus. Upon walking in, I noticed dozens of college students with tin foil on various parts of their bodies…tin foil masks, hoods, hats, wrist bands, arm bands, tube tops, pants, etc. Strange, but yeah, this is a college town and it is Halloween night.

I was standing in line behind two frat boys wearing tin foil on their head, and they must have noticed my strange look (I’m a couple of decades over college age) because one of the guys told me that anyone wearing tin foil that night got a free burrito, any kind, anything on it. One guy tore a small piece of foil off of his piece and handed it to me so of course I put it on my head and ordered my chicken burrito with guacamole. Got down to the cashier who looked at me, smiled and said “looks you got the tin foil” and charged me a buck something for my drink and that was it. A free burrito.

Had a great dinner and left with a smile on my face at having been part of a really cool promotion by a restaurant I love to eat at anyhow.

Big thanks to Chipotle for the free food and the great idea.

Last time we went to Chipotle for our free Halloween burritto (we didn’t make it this year, sadly), we gave the next guy in line our complete “burrito bol” hat (which was awesome, by the way) and they gave him a free burrito. They saw us do it. They didn’t care. Good for them.


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