Walgreens is doing very well for itself. Same store sales up 6.9%. Do you like Walgreens, or did everyone get a cold at the same time? [Reuters]


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  1. kellyhelene says:

    I like Walgreens, at least in terms of the chain drugstores. It tends to be cleaner than Rite Aid, and cheaper than CVS, with a better selection than both. In my city neighborhood there’s no grocery, so if I just need a quick one or two things I’m far more likely to go to Walgreens than the grocery five miles away.

  2. VeryFancyBunny says:

    There’s a Walgreens on the corner of my street, and it’s always packed. It’s directly across from 1.) a fancy highrise condo building, and 2.) a crackhouse, and I suppose the populations of those places may have something to do with that particular store’s popularity.

  3. mopar_man says:

    They tore down a decent restaurant and are building across from a local drugstore that’s been where it is for years. I don’t think I’ll like Walgreens very much after the local drugstore goes out of business. I guess my hate should go more to the idiot city officials who keep bringing nationwide chain stores to the city instead of supporting local businesses.

  4. DrGirlfriend says:

    I like Walgreens. I go in there for toilet paper and q-tips, and end up leaving an hour later with make-up, office supplies, construction paper, a bag of Skittles…

  5. theblackdog says:

    I do like Walgreens, unfortunately there are none around me in Maryland. All I see here is CVS and Rite Aid.

  6. alilz says:

    A Walgreens opened up very close to me recently and I switched over from CVS because it was more convienent. But also I’d had issues with CVS and was happy to move to something I felt was more realiable. About a year ago CVS gave my prescription to my mother (we have the same last name and use teh same doctor) along with her prescriptions. When she informed them of the mistake they didn’t take it seriously. When I talked to the pharamacist about it she told me “We can’t know who you are, if that’s your mother or not.” Which I told her was the stupidest thing, because what if she’d given the medication to a stranger with the same last name, she repeated “We can’t tell who is who.”

    I complained to corporate but it never got anywhere.

  7. j03m0mma says:

    I personally love Walgreens. Not only do they stay open 24hrs. Several times I’ve had my regular prescription run out on me and need my Dr. to renew it. The pharamacist on duty gave me 1 or 2 pills to tide me over till they could get in touch with my Dr. Also another time I had gotten a prescription refilled in another city while on vacation at a Wal-Mart. Well I went in and didn’t realize that they handed over ‘ownership’ of the prescription to the pharmacy that last filled it. Well the night pharamacist gave me a pill for the night, and I said I would come back in the morning in the Wal-Mart in the other city was open. Well next day I came back prepared to explain the story to the pharmacist on duty and wait another 30-60mins for them to transfer the prescription. Well much to my suprise my prescription was ready. Apparently the night pharmacist had either left a note for someone or if her shift permitting followed up and did all the work before I arrived. I’ve been a huge fan ever since.

    I also am a huge supporter of Walgreens having found out the following. Recently, Walgreens opened a new state of the art warehouse and distribution center in South Carolina. What makes this warehouse special is that it was designed with universal workstations that can be easily modified to fit an individual’s special needs. Because of this committment by Walgreens, 42% of their workforce are persons with disabilities who work side-by-side with their able-bodied co-workers.

    They must be doing something right because this warehouse operates at a 20% higher efficiency rate than their other warehouses. For more details, please visit the MSNBC report at http://www.msnbc.msn.com/19417759/

  8. Jeff_McAwesome says:

    @j03m0mma: They aren’t all open 24 hours. The Walgreenes near me is only open until 10. 10!! What kind of convinence store is only open until 10?

  9. stpauliegirl says:

    Walgreens is the bomb. I never go anywhere else for my prescriptions. I tried Target pharmacy once just because I’m always shopping at Target, and they screwed up my name on the label and in their computer system. When I tried to get them to correct it, THREE pharmacists said they couldn’t. (And that was after ignoring me standing at the counter for five minutes.) At Walgreens, the pharmacists are always on the ball, always have prescriptions ready when needed, and have never ever screwed up a prescription or any of my insurance info (much less my NAME). Their website makes script renewals super easy. And, of course, while I’m running in to pick up my pills, I always inevitably end up buying a few grocery items (okay, candy).

    So, yes, I like Walgreens. :)

  10. stpauliegirl says:

    @alilz: “We can’t tell who is who.” That is totally insane! It’s kind of their job to make sure they’re giving things to the right people. At Walgreens they definitely seem concerned about this and always ask me for identifying info (usually my address) when I’m picking up. That’s good to know about CVS’s attitude! I’ll never use them.

  11. speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

    I like my pharmacist at CVS, but it’s Walgreens for everything else. CVS is more expensive and doesn’t have as good a selection.

  12. Benstein says:

    Walgreens is good because the prices are not super ridiculous, and if you just want 1 or 2 things, who the hell wants to fight the lines at Walmart or Kmart?

  13. llcooljabe says:

    I’m a cvs man myself. But the local walgreens is rather dirty, which is probably why.

  14. Hoborg says:

    I find Brooks far superior. Is that a nationwide chain?

  15. Obtusegoose says:

    I prefer CVS. Walgreens reminds me of Walmart… narrow aisles with merchandise stacked over your head. It’s always been a very claustrophobic and unpleasant experience.

  16. CumaeanSibyl says:

    I like going to Walgreens because of all the stuff they have, but I have never, ever had them fill a prescription properly for me on the first try. I think the ones around here are understaffed. Finally gave up on them in frustration — not sure why it took me so long.

  17. britne says:

    I think they’re just starting to treat their employees worse, now. My husband works at one, and I hear stories. Or maybe that’s just at his store…

  18. Vicky says:

    Their pharmacy computer system seems to be pretty well designed. I love that I can call whatever Walgreens location is closest to me – home, office, across town, whatever – and have my prescription refills ready to be picked up at the drive-through with no transfer hassle. They just need the refill # and generally verify my last name and birthday. Moreover, I was easily able to link up my patient profile through their online site so I could set up common refills like BC pills for delivery by mail. Good stuff. I also have to admit that I love their rotating sales in the cosmetics department – I don’t think I’ve bought lipstick without it being 2-for-1 in at least 2 years.

  19. Consumerist Moderator - ACAMBRAS says:


    The Brooks stores in my area are turning into Rite Aid stores. I don’t know if that’s chainwide or not.

  20. wishlish says:

    The Walgreens in Neptune, NJ isn’t great, but it’s miles better than the other local competitors, so it has our business.

  21. alilz says:


    I know! It was insane, this woman telling me “well I don’t know mother and daughter, I can’t tell who is who.” I tried to point out that Mom went in there to pick up her prescriptions, asks for Jane Smith’s prescriptions (let’s say), and gets hers plus one for Ali Smith. Points out the mistake and all anyone could say was “we can’t tell who we’re giving the prescriptions too.” ! I told them it ruined my confidence in them and tried to call corporate but it was endless phone tag.

  22. TSS says:

    I only ever saw Brooks when I lived in Mass. I think they are a New England thing (based in Rhode Island).

    I love Walgreens. It’s clean, the people are helpful, and they have great store coupons. And even better, when Walgreens has coupons for something, they make sure the items are in stock. (Yes, I’m looking at you, Long’s Drug.)

  23. G-Dog says:

    Walgreens is one of those few places I’ve never had a problem with. Sure, my experience with them has been run of the mill and uneventful, but that’s a good thing.

  24. Dustbunny says:

    I like Walgreen’s too — love those 99 cent bags of Swedish fish!

  25. skeleem_skalarm says:

    Walgreen’s is one of my favorite places to shop. I love the unadvertised deals, the 10-packs of mechanical pencils for 10 cents per pack, etc. I’ve been to Walgreen’s in four cities, and never have I met a rude or indifferent person working there. The people in the pharmacy aren’t quite as friendly as the others (cashiers, managers, etc.), but they’re still nice enough. I’m seriously considering applying for a job with them because everyone I meet there seems so happy. You usually don’t get that unless the place is a good place to work. My sister-in-law works for Walgreen’s, and she seems pretty content with her wages and benefits.

  26. I am a former Walgreens employee. Walgreens treats it’s employees very badly. I was told to accept abuse from customers and staff on a daily basis. When I asked to transfer to a different store I was told I was too valuable to let go. A few weeks later I was fired. I applied for, and was granted unemployment compensation. When time came for Walgreens to pay the government back for this unemployment comp they refused and I was forced to repay the compensation. This is the abridged version, but I still, to this day (seven years later), refuse to shop at any Walgreens.

  27. jacknval says:

    WOEFUL, if your unemployment was overturned, it was likely due to your termination being for theft or for not reporting to work as scheduled. And if you were made to repay the unemployment, that would be because you lied on your unemployment application. Walgreens would not be “paying the government back” for your unemployment. That’s not how it works. Companies pay a % for unemployment based on the number of employees they fire that claim unemployment. Companies that have a lot of people that claim unemployment pay a higher % than those that don’t.

    And really, they told you to accept abuse from customers and other employees? If they told you make the customer happy, the customer is always right, etc, that’s part of the job in retail. And what abuse did the staff inflict on you? Did the manager yell at you for being late?

    Sounds to me like you are a simply a disgruntled employee who was terminated for just cause.

  28. busymom28 says:

    Walgreens is not a good company to work for. In the pharmacy I work in, there are favorites that can call out, walk out in the middle of their shift, and take excessive breaks when ever they want. The Manager does nothing to her favorites. The wait time is crazy for prescriptions. We tell customers come back in two hours. When the customer comes back four hours later, the prescription is still not ready. My manager does not care about customer service. She is yelling at patients everyday. She is not worried about how far behind we are, she is worried about employee not getting overtime. At my store the motto is cutting back shifts, so Walgreens can make money. They feel like the customers will keep coming back anyway because they have no choice. As far as the abuse we take from our customers, that is true. I have encountered a man throwing his shopping cart into the pharmacy, people calling me names because their insurance doesnt cover a medication, people wanting to fight me when I ask for them to verfy their address so i can make sure I have the correct person, people refusing to give their date of birth, people have even waited for a tech to walk out and tried to hit them with a car. Walgreens did not want the employee to press charges. But the customer tried to kill an employee. I could go on and on. I guess a customer is always right!

  29. aminay01 says:

    Well, I for one am a very satisfied Walgreens employee and customer. I work in the pharmacy at our local Walgreens and am very please with our store, how it is run, and how I am treated as an employee. Any issues that I have had have been addressed quickly and efficiently. For those stores that managers treat the employees rudely, allow those “favorites” to do as they please, and accept abuse from customers, have you ever heard of the “Open Door Policy”? This allows you to address these issues that you have and get them taken care of. If it is with the store manager, you can go to the corporate office and inform them of the situation confidentialy. That way you aren’t taking the risk of being treated unfairly if you tell someone in the store your concern. You really should try this. Others will be treated the same way if no one steps up and makes the company aware of how one of its stores is being run.
    As for the customers screaming, throwing, and running over employees…things like that need to be addressed to corporate. If you don’t like how the immediate manager handles situation or if you have a manager that does not back you when customers get rowdy, these are the reasons that the “Open Door Policy” was created for. Almost every company has this now, it is for a reason. Take charge and stop standing back and just complaining that nothing is getting done about a situation.

  30. alexia_murdock says:

    Not all Walgreens are like that. I work for them and let me tell you, they have the best work policy here than any other job I’ve ever worked at.

    Take advantage of that Open Door Policy. My managers and coworkers respect my sexual orientation. Sometimes kids I used to go to school with come in and like to make rude remarks or make vulgar offers and the managers handle the situation. They work hard to adjust everyone’s schedule to their needs, they treat everyone fairly, understand we have a life outside of work, ect. I love it here. And it’s like that with all the managers we’ve had. That’s because our store goes the extra effort to hire the right people. Sometimes you have to go to corporate to get things done.

    Walgreens is opening so many stores. Money isn’t so much of a problem as it is for other businesses. We’re even getting an extra vacation day because of how many stores we are opening. So if that store is just so money hungry then corporate needs to be addressed because that store is chasing employees and customers away. I told my manager I needed 30 hours weekly at least so I can get Health insurance. Even though they really don’t need to, they schedule me extra hours to make sure I get it.

    Customers can be pushy. But you’re manager HAS to inforce the Open Door Policy. So if they’re not… get up and say something or else yeah, people will push you around.