Consumerist's 1st Annual Christmas Creep Gallery

Thanks to everyone who participated this year. The offenses against Halloween and Thanksgiving that you documented were many and varied.

Bring back Halloween! Save Thanksgiving! Down with Santa!

Ok, we didn’t really mean that last thing about Santa. That was mean. Enjoy the gallery!

(Photo taken 10/1/07 by:vidaarctique)


(Photo taken on 10/21/07 by:Soul_Motor)

“I’m totally putting these skulls on my Christmas tree this year. “

(Photo taken on 10/9/07 by:jdobbsrosa)

“October 11 is too early for winter holiday soda cups. Nice one, Boston Market.

How did this make me feel? Really annoyed because I haven’t started shopping yet. It also made me wonder whether these were just left over from last year. “

(Photo taken on 10/11/07 by:Bright Star)

“It’s October 6th and already there are Christmas decorations and trees (artificial, of course) available for sale at BJ’s Wholesale Club.”

(Photo taken on 10/6/07 by:Bob Reck)

From the Albany, NY Target
(Photo taken on 10/1/07 by:vidaarctique)

“Nightmare on Flatbush?” Marshalls @ Atlantic Center in Brooklyn

(Photo taken on 10/1/07 by:Hey There Killer)

“It was just too much to be true, and yet there it was, alongside the singing fish restaurant boat.”

(Photo taken on 10/9/07 by:vidaarctique)

“Taken at Lowe’s in Phoenix, AZ(I-17 and Thunderbird Ave), October 21st. All items in the photo have been there since the beginning of October.

Lawn and Garden, eh?”

(Photo taken on 10/21/07 by:ZekeDMS)


(Photo taken on 10/2/07 by:3ZKL)

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… Even in August. “

(Photo taken on 8/4/07 by:tmmtx)

“Christmas creep has already infected the east wing of #1556. It’s not even Halloween yet!”

(Photo taken on 10/22/07 by:Clean Wal-Mart)

“Taken at Garden Ridge in Greensboro NC in August. YUK! “

(Photo taken on 8/23/07 by:blitzcat)

Thanks to everyone who submitted photos. Keep those cameras snapping. We love to post photos of the interesting things you find inside our nation’s retail outlets. Submit your photos to our Flickr pool or email them to tips [at] consumerist [dot] com. To see all of the “Christmas Creep” photos, click here. Send more! It’s fun!

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