PowerBook Explodes, Man's Apple Crush Grows

Jimm Lasser went to sleep with his PowerBook sitting underneath his bed, and woke to find it bursting into flames. From the pictures, it looks like there was a battery malfunction.

After the husky firemen put it out, he called Apple, spent about an hour giving them an incident report, and had a new, free MacBook Pro sent to him within four days.

Like makeup sex, Jimm says he has stronger feelings about Apple than ever before:

It is like we had a fight, with knives and foreign objects and the authorities involved, but in the end, right before the credits roll, right before we look at each other covered in dirt and blood and soot and ripped clothes, we see eye to eye, human to human, me and the brand, and we shrug it off, make it even, manage a hug and keep walking together.

See? Fixing customer’s problems leads to more loyal customers.

The Powerbook! The Powerbook! The Powerbook’s on Fire! [Speak Up] (Thanks to CD!)

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