Time Warner Offers $30 Credit To Apologize For Hammering Through Wall, Drilling Through Floor

A Time Warner installation tech searching for a cable line hammered several holes in reader Christos’ wall, and then drilled a few more in his floor. When the random destruction failed to produce the wire, the tech crept downstairs and split Christos’ neighbor’s line. Now Christos can only watch the channel selected on his neighbor’s cable box.

Christos called Time Warner to complain. Time Warner understood that Christos didn’t want holes in his wall and floor, or borrowed cable. To apologize, they offered a $30 credit and “a few movie coupons.” Christos writes:

I initially contacted Time Warner to acquire all three services they offer; Cable T.V., Internet and Telephone.

On August 18th 2007 I called Time Warner for new services. When the technician arrived to my apartment he told us that we need to be referred to a “post wire”. So we agreed and he made a phone call to set this up. Our next visit was about a week later from another technician and he also told us we need a “post wire”. I initially thought this was the purpose of his visit. So this technician made ANOTHER call to refer us to another “post wire”. The third visit, needless to say another week later… “post wire” again! It took three visits for us to finally get someone to come over and install a “post wire” construction.

The third technician arrived at 12pm on September 28th (wearing a Time Warner shirt) and couldn’t find the main line coming to my apartment so suggested it might be hiding between closet walls which he went on and made two huge holes in my wall with a hammer, creating damages to my apartment. He didn’t find the cable, so he drilled through the floor of my apartment and through the neighbor’s ceiling right beneath me. His solution? To split the line of the neighbor and share the cable; Without understanding what happened when I plugged my TV to the cable I had picture(without the box even being present) all tiled and pixilated…and moments later my channels were changing on their own! I have come to realize that Time Warner directly or not violated someone else cable line and provided me with it…I am not sure if this is “pirating” or not but I believe it is.

I have followed through for a damage claim; that is to get my walls repaired after the installers made huge holes in my walls, splitting the line and offering me my neighbor’s cable line. That is unethical and against company policies.(your own technicians gave me “pirated” cable tv- that is illegal to my understanding.)

The damage claim is going to take care of the damages occurred to my apartment made by their own technicians so I don’t perceive this as “credit to me”.
I was offered credit of $30 and movie coupons by a supervisor named Chris with Operator ID # C87. I find this very offensive as i take it i and my time is valued at only $30 and a few coupons .

From time to time companies need to realize that US customers make paydays happen and keep the foundation alive.

I have resulted emailing Time Warner numerous of times because i find $30 inadequate to compensate my troubles and frustration of over a month trying to get services and neighbors knocking on my door accusing me of “stealing” their cable and their picture is coming up all tiled and pixilated…

The last email I received suggested I contact customer service over the phone, and so I did to get offended and spoken to very condescending and unprofessional. I read all the success stories you guys accomplish, so i am asking for any help, i am in the Los Angeles region.

First, you need to know exactly what damage Time Warner caused. Ask an expert to provide a repair estimate. Then, call Time Warner’s executive offices and politely ask for exactly that amount, and not a penny less. If they refuse, haul them to small claims court.

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