Don't Bother Asking Lee Valley To Match Their Newer, Cheaper Prices – They Issue Refunds Automatically

Satisfied consumers have banded together over at the Sawmill Creek woodworker’s forums to praise Lee Valley’s excellent customer service. One poster, Graham, received an unexpected refund after purchasing a Kreg bandsaw fence. Lee Valley issued the unsolicited refund after cutting the fence’s price in their latest catalog. Graham posted:

Hi All.

I just got home from work and found a cheque from Lee Valley in my post, apparently I bought a Kreg bandsaw fence from them, that has now had a price reduction in their new catalog and they have refunded the difference.

I must say that I have never before experienced such an extraordinarily good service (I had to sit down and think about it for a minute, because to me it’s pretty unbelievable that a store I bought a product from, at a price I was happy to pay, had decided that I was due a refund and sent it without me even having to ask for it).

Anyway, a big thanks to Rob Lee and Lee Valley for their exceptional service to their customers.

Thanks for reading this…Graham

It gets better. Rob Lee, the president of Lee Valley and an active forum poster, wrote back:

Hi Graham –

Thanks for buying from us in the first place…

Cheers –


Proactive consumer-oriented customer service? Down-to-earth company president? Maybe this whole shop thing isn’t so bad after all.

Lee Valley A Very Pleasant Surprise [Sawmill Creek Forums]