People Suddenly Love V8? What?

An article in Newsday asks the question: “Why are Campbell’s V8 juices suddenly selling?” We didn’t even realize they were.

Supposedly, a new distribution deal with Coca-Cola combined with a cute advertising campaign featuring people getting smacked on the forehead for not drinking V8 has sent “sales soaring.”

Weird. We seriously thought we were the only person on earth who drank V8. No one else we know likes it. We’ve actually been made fun of for drinking it.

Oh well. V8 is being marketed as a healthier alternative to sodas and even orange juice, because it has less sugar and calories than those drinks. What it does have, however, is lots of sodium: 480mg-710mg per 8 oz, depending on the flavor.

It’s also being touted as a veggie substitute, which it really isn’t, unless you’re one of those people who think of french fries and ketchup as a “vegetable.” Then by all means, drink more V8. Buy a case. We recommend the spicy one.

A veggie tale: Why are Campbell’s V8 juices suddenly selling? [Newsday]

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