How Many Earths Would It Take To Sustain Your Lifestyle?

“Consumer Consequences” is an online “game” where you enter data about your living, work, travel, energy, and eating patterns, then see how many earths would be needed to sustain your lifestyle if every single person on the planet did the same thing. It’s a relatively fun way to graphically tally up your environmental footprint, and helps you highlight where you use the most resources (and, ideally, where you can therefore cut costs).

con_consumerconsequences02.jpg What we found most interesting was the comparison section at the end, where you can see how your score stacks up against other people according to a wide variety of criteria, including gender, age, location, income, political affiliation, and education.

We scored a 3.3, mainly because of the amount of take-out food we order every month. Funny, we’ve been testing Mint lately and it’s pointed out the same wasteful behavior. Might be time to change habits?

Consumer Consequences game [ via Consumerism Commentary]

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