Northwest Airlines Employees Will Undergo Customer Service Training

Northwest Airlines says its employees are going to be taking customer service classes.

“It’s the largest training initiative in over a decade with a focus on customer experience,” CEO Doug Steenland said during a speech to industry insiders at the New York Wings Club.’

Supposedly, the training will help employees see the travel experience from their customer’s point of view. Flight attendants and gate agents will participate.

We are troubled that we were not asked to design the curriculum. Perhaps the Flyer’s Rights group could have lent us their tent and smelly portable toilets. It could have been awesome. Such a waste.

Northwest to give workers customer-service training[USAToday]


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  1. Keep talking...I'm listening says:

    Customer Service training will only go so far, especially since most of the true issues within the airlines are coming from above. The maximum level of customer service provided is always limited by the amount of empowerment the management allows them. In the case of airlines, that is not much.

  2. CurbRunner says:

    It seems odd, that an organization in which the largest single objective is that of customer service, is somehow just now realizing that it might actually make sense to train their employees in how to best serve those customers.

    One of their execs must have encountered a lightning strike at 35,000 feet that enlightened him enough to conjure up such an out of the box idea.

  3. Mike_ says:

    No amount of training can make you a nice person.

    I was on the redeye from Honolulu to Minneapolis on Monday night. The crew was very nice. They were from Minnesota, and that’s just how Minnesotans are. Very hospitable.

    The crew on the connecting flight to Detroit were total bastards.