8 Tips For Fish Shopping

If you grew up in a landlocked area like this author did—or you’re just not a foodie at heart—odds are you’re a bit clueless when it comes to fish shopping. Alton Brown of the Food Network offers some quick advice on how to find the best fish the next time you go to the market.

Smell the air – “Under no circumstances should there be a fishy smell in the air,” says Brown. “Smelly fish means fish that are going bad!” But he also says that a “nice marine smell” coming off the crustaceans is okay.

Look for ice – If there isn’t any, leave. The fish (especially cut fish) should be well-iced at all times.

Look for whole fish – That means the shop is doing its own cutting on-premises, not shipping already cut fish in from who-knows-where.

Smell the fish – Like the shop itself, any “fishy” smell is a sign that it’s already started to go bad. Brown says he smells “cucumbers and watermelon” when he smells a fresh fish, which is probably why we don’t watch him on The Food Network, come to think of it.

Read all 8 tips at MSNBC’s website.

“Get the inside dish on shopping for fresh fish” [MSNBC]
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