Fall Is A Good Time To Fertilize Your Lawn

The summer is winding down and the days are getting shorter. Sigh. Time to fertilize your lawn. Taking a few steps in the fall will help your lawn avoid disease and will ultimately save you money.

From This Old House:

Early in September, grass is recovering from a long hot summer and may be coming out of a drought-induced dormancy, so you’ll want to give your lawn a shot of nitrogen to push blade growth. A fertilizer with a formula of 20-8-8 will get it growing again. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommended rate of application. Some people treat weeds and insects at this time, but I think that unless there are signs of trouble or a history of problems, don’t apply anything but fertilizer. While this September dose of fertilizer is important, an application at the end of October or early November is essential.

Don’t forget about your shrubs and trees too!

Fall Fertilizing [This Old House via Shakyard]

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