Verizon Spins Causing Electrical Fire During FiOs Install Into Sales Pitch

When will Verizon wonks learn that it’s in incredibly bad taste to insert a sales pitch in the middle of your apology for yet another FiOs technician causing yet annother electrical fire at a customer’s home?

The good news is that Wilen loves his FiOS service…now that it is up and working. As a friend wrote to me earlier, “If he had this sort of problem when it was installed, and still likes FiOS this much, it must be a great service!”

Never, it seems, never.

FiOS Smokes [Verizon Policy Blog via Network World]


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  1. SybilDisobedience says:


  2. Buran says:

    Yeeeeeeah. And people still willingly give them money.

  3. corrosive says:

    Ive tried to reply to that blog posting 5 times, but they keep deleting my replies. I asked them who they thought they were trying to spin something like this into a sales pitch.

  4. TechnoDestructo says:

    This is why I want more options.

  5. majortom1981 says:

    this is why I love long island. We also have cablevision who is doing an awesome job competing with fios.

  6. swalve says:

    I thought FIOS could do no wrong??!

  7. jamar0303 says:

    In its current form, I would never go for FiOS. That’s definitely not enough speed when you’ve been exposed to 100Mb (up and down) fiber for the same price.

  8. bigdaddyv says:

    It is unbelieveable to see all the FIOS haters posting Verizon or the technology. Where did you get 100Mbs up and down for the same price?

    Also, look at the number of FIOS customers out there and you have heard of how many issues? Let’s see, if there are 100K FIOS customers, and you have 1/2 a percent have an installation problem, that is 500 customers. What other company can say that during a new technology rollout and installation that has had so few?

    I think that most of you are upset becaues you live in a NON-FIOS area and there are no other ways for you to deal with it than to hate on FIOS.

  9. nonzenze says:

    As a FIOS customer, I can say without hesitation that fiber internet is worth a small electrical fire. The only other option for me is Comcast ($60 for 8/768 vs $50 for 20/5 from VZ) so it’s a no brainer.

    There’s no sense condemning the service itself on account of the installation!

  10. Havok154 says:

    Especially a single installation problem out of the thousands they have been doing over the last year or so.

    A single tech in a single install means no one should use the service? Please explain the logic in that?

  11. cryrevolution says:

    @Havok154: They’re not saying don’t use the service. And not a single installation, there have been multiple cases of a FiOS installation gone wrong and resulting in smoke and/or an electrical fire. They’re raising awareness in the need to train these technicians better. There’s no reason these fires, even one, should take place.

  12. ShadowFalls says:

    The story was not about a complaint of the service itself, it was the installation of said service. I doubt I would care much about a service when my house is burned down and everything I need to use it is gone. This may have not been a major incident, but there is a chance this can happen again and be major. It could go out of control, more especially so in areas with drought conditions.

    Next we will see Verizon installers carrying around fire extinguishers as one of their primary tools.

  13. @bigdaddyv: “hate on FIOS”? Are you serious?!?!
    Your lack of comments makes you suspect.

    Their apology is worse than insincere. If you can’t even apologize without pausing for commercial interruption there is something terribly wrong.

  14. bigdaddyv says:

    @Rectilinear Propagation; “Your lack of comments makes you suspect”

    Suspect of what, I must ask. When you are given lemons, do you make lemonade or just complain? I think that making this into something positive is a great thing because in light that there was smoke, the customer was still thrilled with the service.

    Look for the positive in every situation, it will make life better for you and everyone that you impact.

  15. riespzs says:

    I would like to be added to the group that has had a house fire in the walls of their home due to an installer drilling into the main electrical line to the house. Worse yet, this was done on December 20,2007 and after several calls to the head of installation for Northern Virginia, my house is still not repaired. Next stop…the court house. I dont care how good FIOS is when they come out to do a simple installation you shouldnt expect a house fire.

  16. cableguy101 says:

    i work for metrocast in conn, verison tried to offer fios in the state but the House voted a big fat No. we have 4 cable companies in the state that i know of. i thought about getting it myself because i live in Rhode Island and have cox cable right now, the offer was phone,tv,and 5mbs/1mbs Internet for a 104 a month. with a free brand new 19 inch ldc i started looking into it, the first 3 months of billing are around 180 dollars,after that 140 with taxes, and the kicker is te two year contract, and they remove all your copper phone line, good luck trying to get those put back in anytime soon. fiber is the balls for information technology, cable using it too, check out a node sometime. but 40 bucks a month for 5mbs, someone in their billing dept really needs to pull their head out of their ass. i get 6mbs for 30 bucks a month. don’thear cox bragging about that. think on it more service less money.