New York Regulators Approve Unprecedented ConEd Rate Hike

Staffers at the New York State Public Service Commission have signed off on ConEd’s plan to impose the largest rate hike in the company’s history. ConEd asked for $1.2 billion, but PSC staffers think the utility is entitled to only $618 million. New Yorkers already pay some of the highest electricity bills in the nation.

“This is all part of the sham that goes on with every rate hike request,” said Assemblyman Michael N. Gianaris, a Queens Democrat who sits on the Assembly’s power committee and who has criticized the utility for its response to the 2006 power failure in his borough. “Con Edison asks for more than it expects to get,” he said. “The P.S.C. rides in on its white horse and takes credit for slashing the request. But the end result is still what Con Edison wanted all along.”

ConEd’s original proposal would have raised the average residential customer’s bill by 17%. The PSC’s recommendation will probably result in a hike of 10%-12%, though the exact figure is not yet known. The increase would apply to ConEd’s transmission costs, which are charged to ConEd customers and customers with other energy service companies (ESCOs.)

The Commission will hold public hearings in October before releasing a final decision by next March.

Con Edison Is Supported on Bid to Raise Rates [NYT]


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  1. Electroqueen says:

    Aargh! I’ve got to pay more! This just plain sucks!

  2. FLConsumer says:

    Could you guys kindly post what Con Ed is raping,er charging you guys up there?

    Tampa Electric’s about the most expensive in FL and I know we’re still paying less than you guys.

    Here in Tampa it breaks down as follows:
    $8.50 “customer charge”
    * 13% city/county/state taxes

  3. Whoa says:


    Here in Brooklyn, my last ConEd Bill dinged me for

    11.75 basic service charge
    22.3c/KwH and
    4% sales tax

  4. QuantumRiff says:

    Looks like in Oregon (If I’m reading this month’s bill right), I pay:
    $7.50 for a basic service charge,
    $0.03284/kWh for the first 542kwh,
    $0.03936/kWh for the second 542kwh,
    $0.04912/kwh for above that (over 1082kwh).

    I used to think around $100 was spendy for 1200kwh…
    No wonder Google built a big data-center over here!

  5. Buran says:

    I don’t have a bill handy but here in St. Louis with a 780 sq. ft. house, a programmable digital thermostat, a 12-SEER central a/c, and gas heat, I pay around $50/mo on budget billing. The gas bill is somewhere around $60.

  6. burgundyyears says:

    Here in MI, it’s roughly 11-12 cents per kWh all-inclusive of taxes and fees.

    See, there are still some benefits to living in Michigan. ;)

  7. majortom1981 says:

    I thought LIPA customers pay the highest bills because we got stuck with the shoram nuclear power plant bills?

  8. Maurs says:

    Here in KY I pay $15 + $.045/KWH. Viva coal!

  9. Xkeeper says:

    Here in Las Veas, the only thing I can do is go off the power bills (nobody cares about the exact kwh amount)… which are usually well over 200-300$ in summer but drop down to “only” $100 in Winter.

    (Of course, being forced to run AC most of the time doesn’t help matters)

  10. aparsons says:

    electric on a 1 BR apartment in NYC: $160. Insane.

  11. EastBayAnt says:

    Alameda Power and Telecom, Alameda, CA:

    $0.000220/kWh state energy surcharge
    7.5% utility tax

    Last month, I used 233 kWh for a final total of $25.82. When I first moved in to this apartment about 2 years ago, it had 60-75W incandescent bulbs in all the fixtures. My bill was close to double what it currently is. Compact fluorescents for the win!

    Strangely, I don’t see a “service charge” anywhere on the bill.

    *Note: AP&T is a city department…

  12. Sudonum says:

    You have hydro power. Probably the cheapest in the nation.
    Here in south Louisiana we pay $0.123202 per kwh including all service charges and taxes.

  13. reagan32 says:

    Dallas, TX (deregulated, using TXU as delivery service and Gexa energy as billing):

    $0.121 / kWh
    $18.95 monthly additional charges (taxes + customer service charge + meter read charge)


  14. FLConsumer says:

    @Xkeeper: Can’t really judge electric rates by electric bills. My electric bill when I first moved into my home was running me $350-400/mo. After some renovations and energy efficiency upgrades, I’m down to $50/mo in the middle of summer, in Florida, air con & dehumidifier running 24/7. Square footage has slightly increased due to the way I moved walls & ceilings internally, exterior walls/envelope was left unmodified.

    WHOA: That sucks! WTF are they using to produce electricity up there that costs so damn much? It’s not like they’re spending it on infrastructure as we’ve all seen from the major breakdowns/f-ups over recent years/months. Anyone know how much those scammers over at IDT end up charging?

    Everything considered, I guess Tampa Electric doesn’t do a bad job. The 30 minute) blackouts are usually down to about one a year. The only real gripe I have with them is the pricing and perceived impropriety of how they acquire their fuel (coal). It’s mined from mines owned by TECO Energy (Tampa Electric CO), shipped to Florida by TECO Transport, then burned at coal plants owned by Tampa Electric. They claim it’s the cheapest way to do it, but other independent reports have shown that they could do better by sub’ing out the sourcing & transport of the coal.

    Also… WHY do power companies advertise & sponsor things? It’s not like we have a choice. “Tampa Electric… use use or start rubbing two sticks.”

  15. catnapped says:

    Here in PA it’s around .08/kwh and around .10/kwh when you factor in all the taxes/fees/surcharges/etc.

  16. gtr225 says:

    I think this might convince some Con Ed customers to switch to solar power. I mean solar is expensive, but with these continual rate hikes, one day it might be cheaper in the long run to use solar than Con Ed.

  17. camille_javal says:

    @ GTR225 – I would, but Columbia doesn’t seem to keen on my slapping solar panels on their apartment building.

    Honestly, though, I had no goddamn idea how bad we had it.

    Anyone on here know the kWh for District of Columbia? I’m looking into moving there.

  18. MrEvil says:

    Wow, you guys in NY get absolutely raped for Electric rates. Where I am in Texas its still 3-5 cents/kWhr I run several computers 24/7 a 6000BTU window A/C. An old inefficient dryer and leave lights on with abandon…I can’t get my monthly electric to go over $80.

  19. andyd says:

    Every year I call to complain about the jump in fees during the summer. I barely use the AC and I’m paying about $150 / month in a two bedroom apartment in Manhattan. And then during the hotter months, I end up paying something like $250. I have family leaving in homes that pay less than that.

    I remember one guy saying…

    “I have this friend paying $300 month in a studio! See you’re bill is not so bad”

    And now they’re raising rates? This is all racket. One you can’t even really fight as they can charge you whatever they want and no real way of disputing it.