Did you know you don’t have to show your ID to TSA employees when flying? Did you know that refusing to do so can get you bumped to the head of the line? [NewsBlog]


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  1. Youthier says:

    Would I rather show my ID and wait in line for 10 minutes (my wait time may be shorter than most because I tend to fly early in the day) or go to the head of the line and be searched thoroughly? I’d rather the TSA know my address and that I’m an organ donor than pick through my underwear.

  2. Henrythoreau says:

    With all the problems in the world, why would the goal of flying without identification be so important to some people?

    Just show your ID and move along please. And please, God, don’t be in front of me in line.


  3. MENDOZA!!!!! says:

    Or I could just show my ID, as I really have nothing to hide.
    I challenge any TSA employee to steal my identity by glancing at my drivers license.

  4. TedSez says:

    In addition to the fact that it seems ethically indefensible — you’re basically further taxing the already-struggling TSA system for your own convenience — it probably won’t save you any time. You’ll have to wait in a ticketing line to get a special boarding pass (instead of using one of the electronic kiosks), and you’ll still have to stand in the security line until you reach a TSA agent. By that point, you’ll have almost reached the security checkpoint anyway, so even if you send you to a faster line it won’t make much difference.

  5. homerjay says:

    In theory this sounds viable, but in practice it would be like trying to get out of Circuit City without showing your receipt.

  6. krom says:

    I can’t help but daydream about the thought of enough people refusing to have to show papers in order to travel inside the free United States causing TSA to implode, freeing us to bring 4 ounce bottles, plastic silverware, and free speech on airplanes once again.

  7. kgazette says:

    I saw this first hand when a friend of mine was traveling with me this summer. He had just moved to New York days before our flight, so he only had a temporary paper license, not a photo ID. We worried that he might have trouble getting through security… but they just sent us into different lines.

  8. jtlight says:

    I think it is important to use the rights we have and to not give the government (especially seeing how it is growing uncontrollably to monitor its citizens) any more rights than we should. Also, as an Illinois resident, this could become even more vital with the passage of the Real ID Act, which Illinois may refuse to implement (I hope so). If that is the case, I will not be bringing my passport to fly domestically. We’re a free republic, but it will only stay that way if the citizens don’t become complacent.

  9. macinjosh says:

    Oh yeah, they showed this on an episode of Airline. A woman complained because she noticed a guy had no ID. She was allowed to board because he submitted to a 2ndary screening.

  10. TexasScout says:

    @Henrythoreau: Why would the goal to fly without ID be so important to some people?

    These are the same dicks that won’t show their receipt when they leave a big box store. Just to cause trouble and make themselves look like big shots.

  11. akalish says:

    Seriously…this isn’t making a statement; it’s making a ruckus for no reason at all. People who think that their actions will influence others, the media/other organizations and ultimately the resulting legislative tenor are deluding themselves. Federal and state beauracracies, and even large retailers are way too decentralized and/or mismanaged to actually enact change based on the protests of a few people. Ultimately you protesters are just wasting my time and trying my patience.

  12. nardo218 says:

    Yes, please piss off the people who are allowed to give you a body cavity search.

  13. synergy says:

    @krom: hear hear