Kroger Recalls Store Brand Potato Salad For E. Coli

Kroger has announced the recall of their store brand “mustard” and “southern-style” potato salad because it may contain dangerous e. coli bacteria. Oh no!

What if you’ve eaten it?

Most people become ill from e. coli after about 4 days. The main symptom of e. coli is bloody diarrhea accompanied by abdominal cramps. For more information about the symptoms and effects of e. coli, check out this Q&A from the CDC.

The potato salad in question has a sell by date of Sep. 5. If you have questions for Kroger, you should feel free to give them a call at 866-221-4141.

Mmm, delicious e. coli!

Kroger recalls some potato salad on E. coli concerns

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