Guy Who Crowdfunded $55,000 To Make Potato Salad Is Throwing A Huge Potato Party For Charity

Back when the guy known now as Kickstarter Potato Salad Guy raised about $55,000 for his first-ever attempt at making potato salad, everyone was wondering how in the heck you could possibly make that much potato salad to fulfill rewards for his backers. And now he’s got the answer — he’s going to throw a massive potato party, complete with potato sack races, food vendors and yes, potato salad, all for charity. [More]


Grocery Group Accusing Potato Farmers Of Pumping Up Spud Prices

The next time you’re biting into a perfectly crispy on the outside, steaming hot on the inside french fry, you should know there’s currently a battle raging between potato farmers and the grocers who sell those spuds in all their various forms. There are even claims of espionage, carried out with satellites and aircraft flyovers. Exciting stuff! [More]

Kroger Recalls Store Brand Potato Salad For E. Coli

Kroger Recalls Store Brand Potato Salad For E. Coli

Kroger has announced the recall of their store brand “mustard” and “southern-style” potato salad because it may contain dangerous e. coli bacteria. Oh no!

Montana Man Finds Deep-Fried Mouse In Bag Of Potato Chips

Jack Hines reacted with cat-like reflexes when he discovered a deep-fried mouse in his bag of Lays K.C. Masterpiece BBQ Flavored Potato Chips. From UPI:

“I just about put it in my mouth,” said Hines. “I was sitting there watching TV in the dark and I grabbed for three fingers of potato chips and I grabbed a mouse. It shook me up a bit and I threw it over my head.”

Lays is handling the situation well. When Hines reported the mouse to their 800 number, they made sure he was feeling well and offered to dispatch a representative to retrieve the mouse and remaining chips. Hines has vowed never to buy barbecue potato chips ever again.