Circuit City Customer Arrested After Refusing To Show Receipt

Michael Righi got in trouble this Saturday for refusing to voluntarily show his receipt when exiting a Ohio Circuit City. According to his account, the manager and security guard followed him into the parking lot and prevented the car door from being shut or the car from moving. When Michael called 911, the cop ended up arresting him for not providing his driver’s license.

Under Ohio’s “stop and identify” law, citizens are only required to give name, address, and date of birth.

Some people in positions of authority seem to be so unused to people actually exercising their rights that they assume the person is a threat and should be stopped and contained until they can figure out what’s going on.

Michael writes, “I’ve always taken the stance that retail stores shouldn’t treat their loyal customers as criminals and that customers shouldn’t so willingly give up their rights along with their money.”

[michaelrighi via BoingBoing] (Thanks to Tampabackup!)
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(Photo: FastFords)

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