Dell Tech Chatbot Tries His Best

April’s Dell said it couldn’t find “systems 32 config” and after going through a series of troubleshooting steps with a Dell tech in chat, he said it was due to a bad sector on the hard drive and it would need to be replaced. While that very well may have been the case, we were amused by how the conversation wrapped up, as shown in the logs April posted to the RolePlay Gateway message board…

2:26:40 AM Sup_Abdul_13639 Is there any other issue that I may assist you with?
2:26:45 AM April Allcock Nope, that’s it.
2:26:55 AM Sup_Abdul_13639 Are you satisfied with the resolution provided to you in this interaction?
2:27:01 AM April Allcock no, I’m not
2:27:20 AM Sup_Abdul_13639 Well, I have tried my best
2:27:43 AM Sup_Abdul_13639 Thank you for staying online. I have included your Case Number # 173357344 to reference our interaction today…

At first we’re thinking, my, that was flip. Then we think, wait, everyone always accuses chat techs of being devoid of the capacity for love and other emotions, good for him. That is what a real human might say. Abdul is keeping it real. He really did try his best, and the troubleshooting he gave was pretty good. And one really really does need to keep a backup of essential documents on an external drive. At some point, your hard drive will fail. It’s a fact. It’s just a question of when.

Dell’s Stupidity [Roleplay Gateway]
(Photo: DRB62)

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