FTC To Monsanto: Dairies' Hormone-Free Milk Ads Not Misleading

The FTC rebuffed chemical giant Monsanto’s request for action against dairies advertising their milk as being hormone-free, the Miami Herald reports.

Monsanto said it was concerned that the claims falsely create the impression that hormone-free milk is safer than hormone laced milk. The company makes recombinant bovine somatotropin (rBST), which the FDA has approved since 1993 as safe for use in increasing cow’s milk production. In 1997, a FoxNews investigative team cracked a story about Monsanto’s conspiracy to push bovine growth hormone while ignoring the potential risks to consumers. They were then ceaselessly badgered by Monsanto lawyers and Fox corporate into changing their story, fired, and sued by their employer.

Monsanto said the dairies claims have created an artificial demand and driven up consumer prices for hormone-free milk.

FTC: Milk ads not misleading [Miami Herald]
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