Personal Finance Roundup

  • Comparing drug costs [Bankrate] “Run your cursor over the figure to view the difference in prices between brand name drugs and generics.”
  • How to Shop for a Mortgage Today [Kiplinger] “Lenders grow more conservative after the housing bust.”
  • The Cramer Effect — and Defect [Smart Money] “Thanks to his nightly CNBC show Mad Money, Jim Cramer has become the chief cheerleader for the bull market, or what was the bull market until a few weeks ago. But a comprehensive and careful review of his stock picks by Barron’s finds that his picks haven’t beaten the market.”
  • 100 Things you can make yourself [Simply Thrifty] “I started thinking about all the things we can make ourselves if we put forth a little effort and found lots of cool instructions online.”
  • Grocery Store vs. Farmers Market: Which Has the Cheapest Produce? [Get Rich Slowly] “The choice seems clear. During the peak of the harvest, at least, the produce stand offers the best balance of quality and cost.”
    (Photo: Jeff Keen)


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    1. hinkmania says:

      You may have no money, but you do have a hollywood video card!

    2. Wuahhh! How did you get a picture of my wallet? Seriously, though, thats totally my wallet and its contents (sans the ‘You Have No Money’ tape). “Traveler-Style” Bi-Fold wallet, Hollywood Video Card, See-Thru Discover Card, everything! **Shifty Eyes**

    3. zaka says:

      I like the things I can make myself…. I really want to make my own crossword puzzle! Ohhh yah, nothing more satisfying than solving a crossword I wrote myself.

      Seriously though, there are some good ideas in there.

    4. Three Word Chant says:

      Regarding that Jim Cramer story – I don’t watch him so I have no opinion on him or his picks, but I saw a story that completely refutes that Barrons story. Among other things, Barron’s uses a different methodology than the one they use to judge Cramer, which is why their’s looks better.


    5. mwshook says:

      I don’t know where they got those prices, but most of the generics are overpriced.

      paroxetine, metorprolol, metformin and meloxicam are all $4 at Wal-Mart and competitors.

      I’m a physician that treats a fair amount of uninsured. As much as I dislike Wal-Mart, their drug program has been revolutionary.