Did Elizabeth Arden/Britney Spears Steal A Fundraiser's Logo?

Hey lazy graphic designers everywhere, when you need a logo you can just steal one from a charity fund-raising site.

No one will notice! Reader Darius alerts us to what he calls left of mondonation’s logo.

mondonation is a fund-raising site that takes money from customized t-shirt orders and sends it various charities. We have no idea if they’re worth a damn as a charity, but their graphic designers sure seem talented.

Darius writes:

I personally own a few shirts and have referred my friends and family to buy them too… but I don’t think I want to become a walking billboard for Britney Spears new product… and if something isn’t done about her fragrance logo… that is exactly what my shirts will become.


Britney Spears’ New Product Stealing from mondonation and Charities
Briney Spears’ Believe

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