8 Traffic Ticket Myths

Bankrate has listed 8 myths about traffic tickets and we like it! Spending money on traffic tickets is a huge waste.

Our favorite myth?

Myth No. 6: You can make up an excuse to get out of the ticket.
Most police officers aren’t interested in excuses. When an officer pulls you over, he already suspects you of an infraction. You’ll have your day in court and many ways to fight the ticket. Remember: Any explanation you give about why you were speeding is an admission that you were speeding. If an officer logs those explanations in his notes, the statements could later be used against you in court. That’s why, whenever an officer asks if you know why you’ve been pulled over, always answer “no” and just take the ticket.

“Never admit to speeding in the process of talking,” says Aaron Quinn, communications director for the National Motorists Association. “I would say just to be polite with the officer. Reasoning with the officer is something that might help you out if you actually are on your way to the hospital. You can try talking, just don’t admit guilt.”

This is good advice. Be as polite and nice to the police officer as possible, and they just might feel bad for you and let you go with a warning. It happens.

Read the rest of the myths at Bankrate. Oh, and if you get pulled over by the “GPD,” that’s the Gotham Police Department. They’re not real. Just cool.

8 top traffic ticket myths [Bankrate]

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