Skype Outage Affects Millions Of Users

Skype went down early this morning because on an unspecified “software problem.” According to Skype’s website, the outage may last from 12 to 24 hours.

The problem stems from an issue with Skype’s login system. The site recommends that Skype users keep their Skype client running and as soon as the issue is resolved, they will be logged in. PC World reports:

Some users have also said it appears the issue is a log-in authentication failure. “Those that are in stay in and those trying to sign in can’t get in,” said Tom Keating, who maintains a VoIP blog here.

Although users’ Skype contact lists show when the client is launched, most people are finding it impossible to dial out or open an instant message session with any of their contacts. A “Connecting” message at the bottom of the Windows client, for instance, does not go away.

Most of Skype’s Web site is accessible, although some sections, particularly the Help and Share areas, are slow to respond and may time out before rendering. Oddly, although the problem acknowledgment message is prominent on the Skype service status page, the indicators claim “All working normally.”

Skype was unavailable for comment.

Skype rarely goes offline. The last reported outage resulted in the service going dark for several hours in October 2005.

Skype Goes Dark, May Be Offline Until Friday [PC World]


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  1. palaste says:

    The Skype outage affected our company, which is divided between two cities. Nothing to fear though, as there are such things as cell phones and e-mail.

  2. Sathallrin says:

    Been down all day here. Kind of annoying as we use it for work. But not too bad as we don’t use it as a vital form of communication in the office.

  3. Jozef says:

    My company uses Skype for calls between offices, which are spread over four continents. I’m currently on a business trip in Europe, and was supposed to have a conference call with our HQ in the US. Given that my cell phone doesn’t work in Europe, we conducted the entire call the “old-fashioned” method, via e-mail.

  4. Buran says:

    Maybe a network card melted down and stranded 20,000 people. On a virtual airfield in Second Life.

  5. lpranal says:

    I left my skype open and it JUST signed in now, looks like it’s back up again?

  6. lpranal says:

    Nevermind. Back down again. False alarm.

  7. welsey says:

    I wish I had read Consumerist before spending ages on the troubleshooting section of Skype’s website!