How To De-RFID Your Credit Card

Credit card companies are putting magical radio chips inside your credit cards to allow for “touch n go” “contact-less” payments, but if for some reason the idea of a miniature beacon transmitting your credit card information, albeit however encrypted the companies feel like making them, there is something you can do about, blogs Cody: Dremel!

1. Google your specfic credit card name and type (i.e. Chase Freedom Card) + RFID. If you get some hits of people saying there’s an RFID chip inside, it’s probably got one.
2. Hold your credit card up into the light and see if you can spot the raised bump. That’s the RFID chip.
3. Drill a hole in the spot.
4. Voila! You’re off the grid.

As long as you don’t make huge gashes and tear through your magnetic strip, this should in no way affect your ability to swipe at the store or use ATMs.

How To De-RFID Your Credit Card []

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