A tipster tells us FedEx’s website has been malfunctioning for the last two days, resulting in hellish lines at the stores. It might be a good time to visit the FedEx Kinkos store that is furthest from other forms of intelligent life.


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  1. heat_sink says:

    It seems there may be truth to this rumor, as I just completed a
    shipment after approximately 30 minutes of intermittently-timed
    attempts. The error messages indicate an overloaded backend/db. I did
    manage to complete the process a few times, but the barcodes and images
    on the waybill would not display or print. It did eventually work.

    Manual waybills (if you stock them) and drop-boxes are a good bet if
    you absolutely have to get it out now. Also, many drop-off locations
    will accept a completed, sealed shipment with minimal interaction if
    you can get their attention.

  2. muckpond says:

    are you implying that fedex kinko’s is a form of intelligent life? ’cause…boy howdy…do you have THAT wrong.

  3. bostonmike says:

    Based on the utter incompetence of the FedEx web site tech support people I talked to on Monday, I wouldn’t expect the site to start working correctly any time soon.

  4. TrainingDeLite says:

    Forget companies like Kinkos, Alphagraphics and Sir Speedy! There is a new kid in town, Mimeo.com. They have saved me in more than one occasion. No more pimple faced, gum chewing, nose picking kids putting my documents together ever again!

  5. pestie says:

    What’s a “hellish like?”

  6. kevinb7852 says:

    Over the weekend I had intermittent problems with package tracking and would sometimes get a message saying they were upgrading the system or something like that. No problems with tracking at least since yesterday.

  7. oghelpme says:

    I’d agree, something was wrong today. db error on address selction. I had to write Shipping docs by hand!

  8. Jabes says:

    Ours was down yesterday, but I was able to use it today. I hate Fed Ex so badly that I wouldn’t be completely surprised if we found out they were screwing up their own website so they don’t have to give the on-line shipping discount!