Best Buy Making All Service Departments Geek Squadified

If you love the great porn-stealing and privacy-invading services currently offered by Geek Squad’s in-store and in-home tech support, have cheer: Best Buy is rebranding all its service departments into Geek Squads, according to an inside source. They’re testing it out in the New York metro area in preparation for a possible nation-wide rollout.

Of the move, a former employee writes…


“My personal feeling about all this is that they’re screwing the whole concept of GS into the ground. The people that Best Buy has and will hire for these “Geek” positions are (often times) under qualified. If Best Buy rolls this out nationwide, then I feel that any hope of turning GS into something reputable is lost. It then just becomes another gimmick or sales pitch and not what GS originally was; prompt, courteous service by a knowledgeable and friendly technician.

As Stalin quipped, quantity is a quality all its own.