Apparently, You Don't Know How To Work Your XBOX 360 Or PS3

Next gen consoles have more features than ever before, but if you’re like many consumers, you don’t know about them.

From Ars Technica:

It’s apparent from the study’s results that one thing interests the majority of consumers: games. The dueling next-generation HD disc formats, the ability to download content, and even high-definition graphics don’t seem to matter to the majority of the game-buying public; if these figures are reflective of the wider market, all those features are being roundly ignored by most gamers.

Among the features you don’t know you have: The ability to play blu-ray discs (only 40 percent of PS3 owners surveyed knew that the system even had Blu-ray built-in), the ability to stream video and sound from your PC, the ability to download content via XBOX Live, and the ability to “upscale” your DVDs through a HDMI connection.

Ars speculates that your disinterest in these features is one reason the Wii has been so successful. You just like to play games. What’s wrong with that?

Report: Gamers largely clueless about next-gen console media capabilities [Ars Technica]
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