In-Flight Bunk Beds: Would You Rather Fly "Horizontally?"

Lufthansa is looking into the idea of providing economy-class bunk beds on its long international flights. From the Daily Mail:

Economy-class passengers have had to settle for being packed into tightly regimented reclining seats for extended periods of travel, which have been blamed for causing potentially fatal blood clots known as deep-vein thrombosis, or DVT, in susceptible individuals.

Until now, airlines have been reluctant to introduce fully reclining seats in economy class because they require more space.

This reduces the number of passengers and decreases profit for the carriers.

But by stacking beds one on top of another, the airline can make use of the normally unused space in the cabin above fliers.

Lufthansa revealed computer-generated pictures of its triple-decker bunk beds as part of a customer survey it conducted among selected customers to see if the idea had wings.

A Lufthansa spokesperson said,
“We are going to analyze the results of the survey and then we will decide whether to proceed or not. But the first results have been very positive.” No word yet on how the bunk beds would be adjusted so that passengers could eat their snacks, or what prevents a shower of crumbs and baby powder and god-knows-what-else from landing on the lower bunks, but whatever. We think it’s a cool idea that needs a lot of work. Does a bunk bed flight appeal to you?

Welcome to sardine air: Airline introduces triple bunk beds in economy [Daily Mail]
(Photo:Daily Mail)

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