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Air France Warning Travelers Of Canceled Flights Amid Strike

If you’re planning a vacation that involves Air France, well, you should probably keep a close eye on your itinerary: the airline is warning travelers that a worker strike that’s already grounded 900 flights and affected 150,000 customers may result in more last-minute flight cancellations. [More]

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Lufthansa Canceling 1,000 Flights On Wednesday Amid Pilot Strike

If you’re heading to Europe tomorrow, or if you’re there already reading this and you’ve got a Wednesday flight with Lufthansa, you’ll want to check in with the airline right about now: the German carrier announced it’s grounding 1,000 flights tomorrow — affecting 140,000 travelers — amid a pilot strike. [More]

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Flight’s Inaugural Journey Delayed After Firefighters Accidentally Spray Plane With Foam

Picture this: You’re all hyped up and ready to fly across the ocean as part of an airline’s inaugural journey to a destination across the ocean, everyone is cheering, the excitement is building and then suddenly foam is spraying everywhere. Celebration over, and you’re forced to wait a night to get off the ground. Delays are annoying, yes, but rarely are they caused by celebrating firefighters pressing the wrong button. [More]

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Why You Might Not Be Able To Fly Even If Your Passport Doesn’t Expire For Months

You’ve got everything ready for The Big International Trip You’ve Been Planning Forever: Bags are packed, itineraries are confirmed and you’ve made sure all your documents are in order, including that all important passport. But before you fly, you might want to check its expiration date — because depending on where you’re going, that passport might not work within six months of expiring. [More]

American Airlines Canceling More Flights Recently Due To Pilot "Sick-Outs"

American Airlines Canceling More Flights Recently Due To Pilot "Sick-Outs"

The sun is shining, the weather is clear and bright, and yet your flight today has been canceled. While you shake your fist at the cloudless sky, here’s the reason why there’s been an uptick in canceled American Airlines flights recently, as well as the potential for more cancellations in the future: American Airlines’ parent company AMR is having a tough time dealing with its pilots and as such, many pilots have allegedly been calling in sick. [More]

Direct Air Suspends Flights For Two Months Just In Time To Ruin Spring Break Plans

Direct Air Suspends Flights For Two Months Just In Time To Ruin Spring Break Plans

Consumerist reader Chris is just one of many whose spring break plans have just gone straight to travelers’ hell after discount airline Direct Air announced they’re suspending all flights for at least two months, until May 15. [More]