U-Haul Gets Mad If You Follow Their Directions, Park In A Ghetto

Willie wasn’t sure why U-Haul told him to park his rental truck in a poorly lit, fenced-off gas station lot that was clearly under construction, but he figured he had the right place when he saw several other U-Haul trucks in a closed pen nearby; Willie parked next to the pen, locked his rental, and got the hell out of there; when Willie told U-Haul he returned their truck as per their instructions, “they try to tell us it is our fault and we would be charged for this….for what? For doing exactly what they said. Exactly.” Now U-Haul wants $1,700:

I get a call from my bank on August 1 and they tell me that UHaul has just tried to charge $700 to my account and then $1000+…The first charge goes through but the second one is stopped. So now they are trying to charge me for their incompetence. I can’t believe this. I contacted the bank and they understood, credited me back my money, filed a dispute, and issued me a new card. Thanks Wachovia.

U-Haul has a penchant for inconvenient, dangerous drop-off locations that are cheap to acquire, and don’t require full-time staff. If U-Haul won’t stop harping you to make amends for following their directions, file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and send a copy to U-Haul’s corporate office. That usually gets their attention.

UHaul: Go Fuck Yourself [More Willie]
(Photo: blmurch)

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