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  • Capital One Raises Your Interest Rate
    Harlan says: “I’ve had a CapOne card with a fixed 4.99% rate for years. I have a few grand in credit card debt that I’ve slowly been paying back. A few months ago they said they were going to jack up my rates to 13% or so. I followed the instructions to opt out of this, and now that debt will be at 4.99% forever, but I can’t use the card for new transactions any more, and when I pay it off, the account will disappear. Their loss!

  • Is Renting Really Better Than Buying a Home?
    FatLynn says: “The NYT Calculator is great, because it lets you set advanced options. Things like income tax breaks, assessments, insurance, and closing costs really affect the formula. Also, any improvements you make to your home can earn you money when you sell.

  • 10 Reasons To Throw Away Your Cellphone
    RDM7234 says: “…if you are done with your cell phone, DON’T throw it away! It’s toxic waste. You can donate it to all sorts of worthy causes (e.g., victims of domestic abuse, soldiers overseas, etc.). Find a drop-off center here: If you STILL feel compelled to throw it out, call your local sanitation district. They will tell you how to dispose of it. But if you put it in the trash, you are going to get lithium, nickel, and other toxics in our drinking water.

  • Wendy’s Sends Scary Legal Threats Over Photoshopped Menu That Includes Calorie Info
    AlteredBeast says: “Here is an idea, modify the cash registers. As you place your order, and the cost tallies up, so does the calorie count. Adding extra cheese? You’ll see the number go up. Changing the side of fries for a side salad? Watch it go down. Great idea, but nobody would ever do it. 😦