Comcast Drops "West Coast" Feeds On The East Coast?

Reader Steve says Comcast has dropped the west coast feeds on his premium channels without telling him about it. Now his sadness can not be quantified.

Steve writes:

First, we had to call twice to have our digital box reauthorized to receive the premium channels we weren’t receiving prior to the new package. Then this morning I discover that Comcast is no longer carrying (or outright blocking) all the West coast feeds of the premium channels. I often watch or record something on one of these West coast channels if I miss something on the Eastern feed, or if I want to record two programs on the DVR during a time period when something on Showtime is on.

The Rep said that because Comcast now offers so much OnDemand, we could watch those films on OnDemand instead of the West coast feeds. Not true–the OnDemand services don’t offer all the films or programs available on the premium channels themselves.

This change made me angry. What makes me even angrier is that there was no notice from Comcast as to the change at all. We DID get mailings over the summer about additional OnDemand services, and that Turner Classic Movies would not be available unless you also purchased the Sports/Entertainment package. But no notice of losing West coast feeds. So, I guess we’re getting half the service for the same price. (OK. I admit that we’re getting a deal what with adding the Digital Voice service and a new package at a lower price for a year.)

If we could change to satellite, we would do it today–we can’t because trees in a protected wetland block the signal.

This isn’t the biggest consumer problem in the world; just another example of a monopoly not giving a crap about customers.

Poor Steve. West coast feeds are useful! Anyone else notice their west coast feeds missing? Do you care?


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