Buying a New Car? Check eBay Before Buying Optional Equipment From the Dealer

“They always get you on the floormats.” Pricing out a car online before visiting a dealership, and seeing the range of options available, is a no-brainer. But before you drop the coin on options like floormats, mudflaps, trunk nets, or whatever other easy-installation options strike your fancy, check eBay. Auto dealerships’ parts departments are actually selling the same items on eBay, at a discount to the marked-up rates they charge new-car buyers.

Two strategies: Print out the eBay rates and demand that your dealer match them. Or buy the car without the add-ons, then go shopping online after.

Of course, there are plenty of aftermarket parts for sale out there, too, but you can easily save some real coin AND buy OEM parts by hitting the internets.

(Photo: The Jamoker)

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