SunPass Regularly Overcharges Customers

SunPass, Florida’s automated prepaid toll system responsible for processing 2 million tolls each day, regularly overcharges and erroneously bills customers, according to an investigation from WTSP.

Joe Pothier checked his and his wife’s bill after our first story and found overcharges on both. He showed us a bill that had the same day, same hour, same minute, same second and they charged $1.50 and then $12.

When he called SunPass to complain, Pothier says the agency told him it was his fault.

“She read off my vehicles listed online and she said, ‘You have a ten-axle vehicle,'” Pothier recalls. “And I said, ‘Ma’am, you just read off my three vehicles. I have a van, a Honda CRV and a Cavalier. You can’t even make 10 axles out of those vehicles.”

Tying a credit card to an automated toll system account usually guarantees that the account will always be funded. Unless you are Christine Bennett:

Even though Bennett has a SunPass which has its account replenished by a credit card, the agency had her driver’s license suspended for non payment.

She didn’t know about it until she applied for a job and they did a background check.

According to SunPass, Bennett has 30 tickets for going through the lanes without paying, including one involving a Jeep in Broward County.

“I’ve never been to Broward County,” Bennett says. “I’ve never owned a Jeep, rented a Jeep or had anything to do with this Jeep ever.”

Don’t worry, Floridians. SunPass is on the case. According to a spokesperson:

“We have a Sun Watch program that is state of the art that can monitor any equipment failure, that can detect problems with any equipment and remotely fix those problems.”

Anyone using an automated toll system should closely review their statements each month, and contest any erroneous charges.

Investigation uncovers more SunPass problems [WTSP] (Thanks to Sean!)

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