BC Credit Union Apologizes To Customer With Humble Pie

Paula wrote to BC credit union to let them know their website gave her inaccurate directions to a nearby ATM. Within a few days, she received a personalized apology note and a little something extra.

Alana from the BC credit union quickly responded:

“Thank you very much for bringing this matter to our attention. I can understand your frustration of being misdirected by us. We were unaware of any problems with the ATM mapping feature on our website, and upon receiving your email have been in contact with our technology partners to ensure that all mapping errors are corrected as quickly as possible. The specific information you have provided us with has definitely helped us narrow down where the issue exists, and we truly appreciate the time you have taken to send us this information.”

Perfect apology note. It’s personal and caring, and gives the impression that the problem will soon be fixed. Given the situation, it’s a sufficient response. After all, it’s not like the credit union lost any money or fumbled a transaction. This was just a case of poor directions stemming from bad mapping software.

Paula surely didn’t expect to receive a call a few days later, this time from a local courier bearing a pie.713189993_7e2512375b_m.jpg

    “But this was no ordinary pie! It was GI- NOR- MOUS!!! Imagine a 4.5 lb pie in a reusable pie plate, packed in a wooden crate filled with strips of “thank you” paper, with the note of thanks I had been expecting. The pie’s ingredients were also listed with instructions … it was so fresh that it is recommended to finish it within 5 days. It will definitely be finished by Wednesday, if not before! Although that will require us to eat some fairly large pieces – life is rough lol.

We will add ‘humorous pies’ to the already long list of reasons we prefer credit unions to banks.

Humble Pie [Mommy Musings]

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