McDonald's Launches Viral Invite To "BurgerCon"

Are you ever sitting around, internetting with your fellow internetters, when all of a sudden you wish you had a corporate-approved “viral” way to challenge said “fellow internetters” to a competitive eating contest?

And do you wish the “viral” invite system had, oh we don’t know, animated guitars and “Adult Swim”-style “witty” title cards?

We don’t either. Meet “BurgerCon.”

From the BurgerCon News Release:

“Plan your own BurgerCon.

Step 1: Taunt your friends by flaunting your burger-eating prowess.

Step 2: Throw down the gauntlet. Delcare BURGERCON via our electronic invitation.

Step 3: Go to McDonald’s. Order burgers and prepare for ensuing awesomeness.

You know, we’ve been wondering lately… 100% beef? As opposed to what? Are they being funny? Creepy/odd/internet works for BK. Not so much McDonald’s.

Burger News [McD] (Thanks, Tom!)

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