McDonald's Launches Viral Invite To "BurgerCon"

Are you ever sitting around, internetting with your fellow internetters, when all of a sudden you wish you had a corporate-approved “viral” way to challenge said “fellow internetters” to a competitive eating contest?

And do you wish the “viral” invite system had, oh we don’t know, animated guitars and “Adult Swim”-style “witty” title cards?

We don’t either. Meet “BurgerCon.”

From the BurgerCon News Release:

“Plan your own BurgerCon.

Step 1: Taunt your friends by flaunting your burger-eating prowess.

Step 2: Throw down the gauntlet. Delcare BURGERCON via our electronic invitation.

Step 3: Go to McDonald’s. Order burgers and prepare for ensuing awesomeness.

You know, we’ve been wondering lately… 100% beef? As opposed to what? Are they being funny? Creepy/odd/internet works for BK. Not so much McDonald’s.

Burger News [McD] (Thanks, Tom!)


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  1. appleface says:

    It would be better if they delivered. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a horrible and stupid idea.

  2. thefezman says:

    Notice they don’t say 100% AMERICAN beef, like Whataburger. They’re just trying to make people thing their beef is good, since one of their competitors (can’t remember who at the moment) was implying that McDonalds uses foreign beef (which is true).

  3. FromThisSoil says:

    I wouldn’t eat ONE burger from McDonalds, much less a whole bunch in an eating contest.

  4. Triteon says:

    Under normal circumstances “beef” ain’t gray. That’s all I got.

  5. Bay State Darren says:

    With the obesity epidemic we’ve got going in this country, mickey-d’s using a website with the above illustration style to get customers of a certain immaturity level to have eating contests of lard sandwiches is like camel using cartoons to sell their cancersticks.

  6. Yep says:


  7. CapnMarrrrk says:

    McDonalds? No way!

    White Castle? Now you’re talking. If you’re going to do violence to your innards you have to go all the way.

    One, Two, Three, Four I declare a Burger War!

    Burger Con, where Burgers and People Come Together, Then Part Ways in a Spew of Frothy Vomit.

  8. Rusted says:

    Obesity epidemic? Hey, I’m not responsible for what other people are shoveling into their mouths.

  9. wow, that is some crappy flash.

  10. mattbrown says:

    BK is more successful in their targeting acid eating pot heads. Ronald just won’t cut it.

  11. shiznannigan says:

    Maybe next McDonald’s will work on introducing a “hamburger”. Every time I try to order one there, I instead recieve a small bun filled with condiments, cheese, and a piece of corrugated cardboard.

  12. rakers says:

    Ironic use of the word “awesome” is now completely and totally played out. I predict “fresh” will be the next “awesome”, maybe “rad”, but probably not “tubular”.

  13. Xkeeper says:

    Do try to realize that it’s actually “our beef is 100% beef” — that doesn’t necessarily mean their burger patties are 100% “100% beef”.

  14. drummer_kev says:

    Is it me or is that Iron Maiden’s font?

  15. tilstad says:

    No XKeeper, you are wrong. It’s a good theory, but wrong.

    Actually the patties are supplied by the “All Beef company”, so when they say it’s 100% All Beef Patties, it simply means it’s not 60% meat from the All Beef Company, 20% meat from the local butcher, and 10% meat from a Kraft subsidiary. Oh no.

    It’s 100% All Beef(TM)Patties.