Consumer Sues Choicepoint For Saying She Was In An Accident She Wasn't In

Angie Duckworth is suing Choicepoint and State Farm for $75,000+ for reporting her as being in an accident she wasn’t in, and messing up her credit report.

According to the suit, Angie Duckworth’s father let an acquaintance, Angie Jones, borrow a car in 2002. Ms. Duckworth reported the accident to State Farm, who erroneously reported her as being the driver. (Apparently they can’t understand how two women could have the same first name but different last names).

After discovering the wrong information in 2004, the plaintiff asked State Farm to fix the info and they agreed to. In 2006, the wrong information was still on her report, which could harm her ability to get insurance in the future. At one point, contends the lawsuit. “Choicepoint told Plaintiff in order to dispute the wreck she would need to contact State Farm directly. Choicepoint falsely hid from Plaintiff that she should dispute directly in writing with Choicepoint.”

Choicepoint is one of the largest consumer reporting agencies in America, and it seems to be beholden to none of the citizen’s whose data it manages/mangles.

If you manage to find that Choicepoint has minsinformation in its records on you, you can lobby to have it fixed by writing them a letter.

ChoicePoint Insurance Consumer Center
P.O. Box 105108
Atlanta, Georgia 30348-5108
1-888-497-0011 (toll free); Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST

Clashing With Choicepoint – One Consumer’s Challenge [Alabama Consumer Law Blog]
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