July 10: The First Christmas Catalog Has Arrived!

Paul over at Network World has the dubious distinction of reporting the season’s first Christmas catalog, which he and his wife received on July 10.

Hooray! Only 165 shopping days left!

Paul contacted the catalog’s sender to express his annoyance. They responded:

Dear Paul:

Thank you for your note. I’m glad that your wife received our new catalog but I’m sorry that she thought of it as a Christmas catalog and said “arghhh.”

Paul’s wife sounds awesome. “Arghhh” is precisely the correct response to receiving a Christmas catalog in July. The catalog sender went on to dispute Paul’s claim that the catalog was a “Christmas” catalog.

Whatever. If it looks like Christmas, smells like Christmas, and says “Christmas” on it. It’s Christmas.

Christmas in July [Network World]


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  1. banned says:

    Thanks for reminding me!

  2. 3drage says:

    It looks like an automated reply.

  3. QuirkyRachel says:

    “I’m glad that your wife received our new catalog but I’m sorry that she thought of it as a Christmas catalog and said “arghhh.” sounds like an automated reply? They must get the response of ‘arghhh’ quite often!

  4. Starfury says:

    If I didn’t have kids I’d ignore Christmas (the retail part) completely. Bah.

  5. uricmu says:

    The built-in web browser is actually doing a better job (despite having no flash) than most smartphones that I’ve seen. And the touch based panning and zooming is good for viewing these pages.

    Also, it’s more intuitive to use than most phones except for Nokias. Just as Mac OS X is preferable to Vista even though the hardware to run OSX is so expensive.

  6. ceejceej says:

    Hallmark’s got them beat: the local stores had their Christmas Collectible Ornaments display up and running on July 5th.

  7. ancientsociety says:

    Ack. My wife gets these catalogs ALL THE TIME. Luckily she’s never bought anything from them but it’s annoying to get a new one every 2 weeks.

  8. dohtem says:

    Happy Holidays!

  9. alk509 says:

    On a related note, my wife just told me they’re already pulling out the halloween crap at our local T.J. Max…

  10. eli_b says:

    that apology is great quoting the ‘arghhhh’

  11. alk509 says:

    @alk509: …and by “pulling out” I meant, of course, “bringing out”, as in bringing it out to sell it this early in the year.

  12. oldtaku says:

    There’s a Mercedes dealer here running a ‘Christmas in July’ sale, with Christmas music in the ads. Guaranteed I will never, ever shop there now.

  13. Xerloq says:

    @uricmu: Christmas in July, brought to you by the J-phone.
    Seriously, though. What kind of Catalog is this? If it’s for a craft store, I understand. They run their stuff six-months off so people have time to complete their projects. Go to any Michael’s or Robert’s (why all guy’s names?) and you’ll find Fourth of July stuff in December.

  14. Xerloq says:

    I can just see the email he sent to them.

    “Dear Christmas Catalog Senders:

    I received your new catalog today. It’s keen! it made my wife say ‘Arrrghh’ though.

    All the best,

  15. Ben Popken says:

    It’s Christmas (catalog) in July!

  16. elvisaintdead says:

    I got that damn thing on 7/1.

  17. I got one yesterday, too! Aren’t I special?

    It’s funny how the older I get (I’ll be 38 this year), the faster the time seems to go.

  18. bohemian says:

    The stores had back to school out on July 5th. It is a really annoying marketing tactic. See, because if you don’t buy it now there will not be any left by mid to late August when you actually NEED to be getting ready for school.

    The craft stores have an excuse for having Christmas stuff out this early but it still annoys me to no end.

    I may just spend this holiday season in Vegas and avoid the whole darn thing.

  19. j-o-h-n says:

    @bohemian: Yeah, I was in target last night and they had a new display of *coats* in the kiddie clothes section.

    It’s July, it’s 95, you think I should buy my kid a coat?!?

    Let me guess, come October when we actually want one you’ll be putting the swimsuits back out?

  20. Ola says:

    Craft stores are allowed to do Christmas stuff early, but IMHO they’re pretty much the ONLY ones who should be allowed! Some stores start playing Christmas music after Halloween. They jump from spooks to presents with nary a mention of “thanks” for the stuff!

  21. NoWin says:

    Jingle Bells, Santa Smells. My wallet is going to hide.

  22. Betty-Boop says:

    Hi There,

    Paul’s awesome wife here. (If you could only see me in my retro cherry-print swimsuit taking our 5-year-old triplets to swimming lessons–oops, never mind, I hear Paul’s footsteps approaching the home office.)

    I’d like to ever so sweetly point out that Gooseberry Patch is not, and has not claimed to be, a craft catalog. In fact, in Paul’s original story on networkworld.com, he shares this part of the Gooseburger’s reply to his email:

    “Gooseberry Patch only has three versions of our catalog each year so in mid-July we introduce all of our new fall and holiday cookbooks, organizers and calendars…holiday bakers & crafters start early and they focus on year-round events through Halloween.” Apparently after Halloween, these holiday bakers and crafters give it up and go on a bender.

    Note the non sequitor: The catalog sells cookbooks, organizers, and calendars, yet the writer goes on–in the same sentence–to imply that these items are needed by holiday crafters. Serious holiday crafters would be shopping at Michaels or buying their supplies wholesale (when they weren’t off on a bender–the crafters, that is, not the supplies).

  23. rhett121 says:

    We got one as well from Current last week. Kind of sick if you ask me. Can I please enjoy my summer first.

  24. SexCpotatoes says:

    I’m just waiting for a fantastical evangelic cult of Commerce Arsonists to take their show on the road. Burning down unseasonable displays with righteous fury. Super-Soaker flame throwers, and hurling molotovs at any interlopers. Laughing all the way.

    Because nothing burns like Christmas.

  25. loueloui says:

    I was first exposed to the idiotic fad of ‘Christmas in July’ in Texas about 20 years ago. I was about 10, and I remember distinctly that I thought it was a stupid idea even then.
    Isn’t it obvious that this is a scam cooked up by retailers to try to get people to buy more stuff? This is probably as bad as the ‘right hand ring’.

  26. markedward says:

    Their reply actually included the word “arghhh”? Like the Castle of Arghhh?

  27. Sherryness says:

    We actually started receivng catalogs to order Christmas cards in mid-June at my place of employment! That is OVER six months pre-Christmas. And wholly ridiculous.

  28. T-chick says:

    I am so utterly fed up with the continual forward push of marketing. Whatever happened to selling something when it was useful, not six months before?

    It’s worse here in coastal S. Cal, where the seasons (such as they are) are already late – it doesn’t get really warm until August, it doesn’t really get cold until – well, it never really gets cold unless you’re an underfed thin-blooded waif, but even then, you’re fine until January. In August window fans are no longer being sold, to make way for wool sweaters. In January, they’re selling swimsuits for “midwinter getaways,” you know, tropical vacations to get away from the snow? And school supplies in early July are just cruel. Most school districts around here don’t get out until near the end of June, and don’t start again until late September (when the heat really gets started, ironically, but that’s our problem). No kid wants to buy school stuff two weeks after getting out, but if you wait until you need it, it’s all gone.

  29. markedward says:


    Maybe they want you to buy it out of season so it’s cheaper? Best time to buy picnic baskets: winter. They’re, like, 90% off. Best time to buy Christmas candy? The day after.