Air Traffic Control Blames Errors On Pilots To Fudge Safety Reports?

An air-traffic control whistleblower came out to NBC and said controller mistakes covered up and blamed on pilots so that airlines can cheat the numbers on government safety reports.

Trouble In The Air [MSNBC]


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  1. JRuiz47 says:

    Mmmmm….fudge reports.

  2. banned says:

    Why am I not even a little surprised a company would do such a thing!

  3. nffcnnr says:

    DFW is my home airport. Can’t wait to take another trip!! i doubt that this is isolated at the DFW, though. it just so happens that they have an air traffic controller who cares about safety, and not airline profits. she had previously alerted authorities on other safety concerns and was honored for it. hooray for her!

  4. eli_b says:

    I’m sure someone is fudging their pants over this one…

  5. RichAndFoolish says:

    If 1204 was told to follow, then that is what the pilot must do or he must report why he cannot comply.

    The pilot shares the blame for this incident.

    The news is, once again, presenting an incomplete, and possibly slanted story.