Chicago Woman Calls 911, Hears Hysterical Laughter Then Is Hung Up On

A Chicago woman called 311 (non-emergency police services) to report illegal and dangerous fireworks exploding over her home. She was transferred to 911 where she was greeted by hysterical laughter.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

“I have never heard anything like that in my life. This person was laughing uncontrollably. When she picked up the phone, she burst into laughter. She probably had been laughing for a while. I kept on saying, ‘Hello. Hello.’ But she couldn’t talk. She never stopped laughing,” said [Brigitte] Biver, 58.

“I finally said, ‘I’d like to report some heavy fireworks activity.’ She was still laughing as she asked where I was located. I said Norwood Park. Still laughing, she asked where in Norwood Park. Then, she said, ‘Ma’am, you’re gonna have to call back.’ I said, ‘Can I have your name please.’ But she hung up on me.”

Biver called back and got an operater who was not consumed in laughing fits, reported the fireworks, and hung up… but she’s mad.

“She didn’t know what I was calling about. Somebody could have been having a heart attack here. If it had been a life-or-death situation where seconds count, that’s very dangerous. It’s highly unprofessional in any setting,” Biver said.

A spokesperson for the Chicago Emergency Management and Communications Office says Biver has yet to file a formal complaint, and he cannot comment on anonymous 911 calls. He told the Sun-Times that the office is interested in investigating Biver’s complaint.

911 caller gets an earful of laughter [Chicago Sun-Times]
(Photo:Keith Haler/Chicago Sun-Times)

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