Disgruntled Ex-GeekSquad Postergirl eBays Badge

“Hi, my name is Holly Forman-Petersen and I used to be a Special Agent at The Geek Squad. I am eBaying my Special Agent badge.

After appearing in countless print advertisements in Best Buy circular ads, gracing GIANT posters and cutouts in Best Buy stores and even luring prospective employees on Best Buy’s career website, I am done. C’est fini! They removed my image from the ads and stores recently and I want to get rid of the rest of my Special Agent stuff.

I do not even like to tell people I worked as a technician there (too much of a liability these days, don’t you think?)

My waist (and the badge!) are still on the “Agents up close” portion of their website: http://www.geeksquad.com/popups/agents.html click on Skirt and Leggings

I will be selling a few more hard-to-find Geek Squad trinkets in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out.

I left in 2004 right before things got completely Best Buy-ified. There were a lot of factors in leaving and I still have a lot of great memories about working there, but the Geek Squad I knew and loved isn’t the same one it is now. I was asked to come back to a work session with other female Geek Squad employees at the corporate office last year. It was fun and everyone was like “You should come back!” etc. I was like this rock star! I was very excited and stuff was in motion and then it just stopped. They stopped calling and emailing about a week later. It was like being harshly dumped. So I am now 100% done-ski with that bunch. I won’t even list Geek Squad on my resume anymore. I would never want to be associated with the company as it is now.

I know that all of it is a little sour grapes, but, hey. It is what went down.

No big shocker here, just a kinda interesting, “I was their golden girl, and now I will use everything they taught me to destroy them” story. Plus, that badge is pretty cool. We wish we could get special blogger badges.