A Checking Account For People Who Rack Up Tons Of ATM Fees?

Are you one of those people who is too lazy to use their own bank’s ATM, and therefore is always using ATMs that charge a fee? We noticed the other day that ETrade has a checking account where they promise to refund your ATM fees… and pay you interest.

They claim that any fees charged to you by any ATM will be refunded by the end of they day. There’s a $15 monthly fee for accounts that do not have direct deposit set up, or have an average balance of less than $5,000.

Might be a good idea for you ATM fee junkies. You know who you are, and yes. It is a problem. Let’s hear other suggestions for avoiding ATM fees in the comments, because ATM fees suck.

ETrade High-Yeild Checking [ETrade]

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