Phone Problems? Contact Motorola Executive Customer Service

Reader Chris’ phone was swallowed up by the beast that is Motorola’s repair department, so he asked us for help. All we had was the main Motorola number that we swiped from Google Finance, but it was enough.
Chris writes:

I went looking on Motorola’s website for a corporate office phone number without any luck, until Meghann pointed me to the company’s Google Finance profile, which listed the phone number. I called and requested to be transferred to Ed Zander’s office. After being queried as to the nature of my call, I was instead transferred to their Customer Advocacy group.

For the record, the phone number is 1-847-576-5000. If you stay on the line and ignore the voice prompts you’ll get an operator in due time.

Once transferred I spoke to an extremely friendly, polite woman named Kimberly who took my case number, read through the notes, and then said the magic words: “We’ll just send you a new phone. Will that resolve the matter?” She did mention that there was a “transition” in their repair center structure, but quickly followed that that should not concern me. I’m told I’ll have my new phone next week.

Neat! If your phone has fallen into the black hole of Motorola, give the Customer Advocacy group a ring by calling the Motorola switchboard at: 1-847-576-5000.

Thanks, Chris!


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