TSA Uploads Video Of "Sippy Cup" Incident On Special "MythBusting" Website

The TSA has uploaded the incident report and surveillance video that they claim shows the “sippy cup terrorist” Mom intentionally dumping her child’s water on the floor of the airport after having claimed “she was an officer and flashed her Secret Service badge and credentials and said that she should be exempt from all this and this was a stupid policy and this whole thing was [redacted].” We’re guessing that last word was bullshit, but like we said, that’s just an educated guess.

The video, which has no sound, is inconclusive. Obviously, you can’t hear what the TSA agents are saying or if they’re threatening the woman with arrest for spilling water. The mom’s original account leaves out the bit about her flashing her Secret Service badge and trying to get special treatment, so who knows. Perhaps she did spill the water on purpose. In the video it looks like she shakes the last few drops out before turning around and trying to get back into the checkpoint.

What we find a bit disturbing is the fact that so few of us nowadays are shocked by the idea that someone could be detained or be threatened with arrest by the government for carrying or spilling tap water. “Those are the rules,” we think.

We do like the new “MythBusters” section of the TSA’s website. Maybe they should hire those kids from the Discovery Channel to see if you can really blow up a plane with the contents of a sippy cup. Admit it. That would be a neat episode. —MEGHANN MARCO

MythBusters [TSA]
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(Photo: TSA)