Vonage: Sorry, You Can't Cancel Without Speaking To The Retention Department

Mark tried to cancel his Vonage service outside of normal business hours, but Vonage wouldn’t let him go unless he called back to speak with the customer retention department. Mark had tried to call the previous day during business hours, but Vonage’s computers were down. How convenient.

Vonage: Why are you canceling the account.
Mark: Because we no longer need the second line.
Vonage: Unfortunately I can’t do that for you. You will have to call back during regular business hours and talk to Customer Retention
Mark: But I don’t want to be retained I just want to close my Vonage account.
Vonage: I’m sorry sir I can’t do that, you have to call back during regular business hours.

Watch out, Vonage. We thought Verizon held the patent for the cancelation gauntlet of doom. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

Customer Retention Department – Vonage Customer Service Sucks [Notes From A Tool User]