Pizza Hut Worker Fired For Reporting Mice To Health Department

A Pizza Hut worker says she was fired after reporting finding 6 live mice stuck to glue traps at a North Carolina Pizza Hut where she was employed, according to WFMY News:

Health inspectors closed a Pizza Hut restaurant in east Raleigh after a worker found live mice inside it. The employee who notified the health department about the mice says she was fired for reporting the problem.

In an initial inspection, a heath department inspector found mouse droppings behind an ice machine, but gave the restaurant a passing grade because she didn’t find any live animals. A contractor put out glue traps, and when the worker in question arrived at the restaurant the next morning, she found 6 live mice stuck to the traps.

She called the health department to report the mice and the inspector ordered the restaurant to be closed. The worker says she was fired for reporting the live mice. That’s comforting. We’ll sleep better at night knowing that workers who report outrageously vermin-infested Pizza Huts will be fired.—MEGHANN MARCO

Worker Fired After Reporting Mice At Pizza Hut [WFMY]
(Photo: a2gemma)

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